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Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing (also known as Nordic skiing) is a fun way to get outside and can be a great workout. There are several kinds of cross-country skiing - more details below.

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What to Know

There are several types of cross-country skiing. Check out the information below for more information on what type of cross-country appeals most to you.

Classic Style:

  • Classic cross country skiing involves a simple forward-and-back skiing motion. It can be done at a very casual pace or at an aggressive race speed. Classic skiing is often done on groomed ski trails with  maintained tracks that direct skis down the trail, but can also be done on ungroomed trails or off-trail terrain.

  • Depending on the type of terrain you'll be skiing, there are different types of classic skis. Many beginners use waxless or "fish scale" skis that have a grip on the bottom. If you think you'll ski more on ungroomed or steeper terrain, there are some waxless skis that include a metal edge which provides additional control.

Skate Skiing:

  • Skate skiing involves a skating-like motion that propels the skier forward. Skate skiing is generally faster than classic skiing, but involves more technique and is generally more strenuous.
  • Skate skiing is almost always done on groomed ski trails.
  • Skate skiing is best enjoyed with skate ski-specific skis and boots.

Cross-country Skiing - General Tips:

  • Check the weather and scope out trail conditions.

  • Dress in layers to stay warm (but avoid overheating)

  • Ski under control when going downhill and make sure you know how to stop!

  • Bring food and water! Skiing is tiring and it is easy to become dehydrated and hungry, especially when it is cold.


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Cross Country Skiing in the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley has a variety of local options for affordable cross-country skiing. Listed below are some of the offerings. Make sure to follow the state COVID guidelines while adhering to the individual rules for each location.

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