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What to Know

A walk through the woods can be an easy, beautiful, and peaceful outing. However, winter outings of any length require preparation and understanding of basic outdoor safety. Even a short walk can introduce safety factors such as lack of cell coverage, terrain challenges, and isolation. To be prepared for a winter outing, you should know the following:

  • The length, terrain, and conditions (e.g., snow depth) of trail you are going to.

  • What gear you'll need (e.g., footwear, clothing, first aid).

  • How much food and water you'll need.

Being prepared is the best way to ensure a fun and safe winter outing. Want to learn more? Consult the resources below for more information.

Safety Information:

Gear Lists:

  • Appalachian Mountain Club

Where to Go

TrailFinder - interactive map and search tool for trails in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Upper Valley Land Trust - information on public trails on Upper Valley Land Trust properties.

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