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Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic New England winter activity. In addition to maintained ice rinks, there are places around the region where ice skating can be safely enjoyed outdoors.

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What to Know

Ice skating doesn't require much equipment - skates and a helmet are all that's typically required. Make sure to bring proper clothing layers and you will be all set to enjoy an afternoon at Lake Morey or Occom Pond. Here are some basic tips to help get you started:

Ice Skating - Key Tips:

  • Check the weather and make sure that the ice doesn't have a layer of snow on top.

  • Check the thickness of ice before stepping foot on a frozen body of water. Only go to places that are trusted by experienced ice skaters.

  • Dress in layers to stay warm (but avoid overheating).

  • Wear a helmet! Thick ice can be just as hard as pavement.

  • Watch your skate blades - they can cut you and others.

  • Dry your skates off after use. Leaving ice and water on the blades leads to rust.

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Want to learn more?

Ice Skating Tips and Safety Information:

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Ice Skating in the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley has some well-known locations for both indoor and outdoor ice skating. Consult the organizations below for more information on locations, rules, and conditions. Some towns also maintain seasonal outdoor ice skating areas in local parks - check with your town recreation department.

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